Monday, 27 November 2017

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Shital Thakor are new Gujarati song singer she is sing best Gujarati song like garaba, DJ Song , Live Stage performance in Marriage or any Program, Album song and more. Here you Can download and View best Shital Thakor photos HD Shital Thakor images free download Latest Facebook photo And more about shital thakor. New Hot Shital Thakor In saree pictures downloading for Free.
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Friday, 24 November 2017

Parth Chaudhary Gamdanu Dil Mp3 Song 2018 Download

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In this album song Gomdanu Dil song Artist are Samarth Sharma Male Actor and Female actor are Kinjal Patel.
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Song : Gomadanu Dil 
Singer : Parth Chaudhary 
Artist : Samarth Sharma(Hero), Kinjal Patel(Heroin),
Gomdanu Dil Song are singed by Parth Chaudhary he is new and Very popular singer, After he is give Best song of this time Gomdanu Dil Song
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Thursday, 9 November 2017

$ HD Video $ Jignesh Kaviraj Video Download Jignesh kaviraj live Dj Jignesh Kaviraj hd Video 2018

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Are you show Gujrati singer and Actor Jignesh kaviraj Rare Video on YouTube, In Visnagar Small Village Iyasara Jignesh Kaviraj was live for Ambaji mataji pran Pratishtha Mahotsav, Jignesh Kaviraj is Sing live in iyasra on Small Band you are not seen Jignesh Kaviraj in this movement.

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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Kinjal Dave Biography Kinjal Dave Age Kinjal dave home Address and more About Kinjal dave Details

Kinjal Dave 2018 Mo3 Song Gujrati singer Full Information Bio Data Detail 

Kinjal Dave beautiful Gujarati singer Kinjal Dave best Gujarati singer, Garba stage program and more performed by a Kinjal Dave, So let's go for full information Bio Data about Kinjal dave informations.

 Kinjal Dave wiki  Kinjal Dave biography  Kinjal Dave age  Kinjal Dave familyu

Kinjal Dave Biography

Full Name     :Joshi Kinjalben Lalji bhai

Father Name : Lalji bhai Joshi

Birth Date     : 24/09/1999

Address Hometown : Village - Jesangpura,Ta - Sarsvati Dist - Patan

Residential Address : Ahmedabad

Family : Father,mother,
                Brother - 1
                Sister   - No sister
                Family Members - 4

Nationality : Indian

Religion : Hindu, Brahman

Education : 12(HSC) Pass

Favorite Actor of Bollywood : Salman khan

Favorite Actress of Bollywood : Dipika Padukone,

Hit song : Char bangadi, DJ Jonadio, Ame Gujrati, Chhote Raja,

Kinjal Dave Information History:-

Miss kinjal Dave are Best Gujarati singer. Kinjal Dave are Born in Jesangpura Date 24 November 1999 at Brahman family. Kinjal Dave just 7 years old and start interest in singing because she is uncle and Father are write and sing Gujrati song so Kinjal Dave are also like singing, this Reason Kinjal Dave start a singing. Kinjal Dave start singing and give best song to Gujarat is "DJ Jonadiyo..," and miss Kinjal Dave start our Golden period at 2013 - 2014 and start Success and is famous in Gujarat, Kinjal Dave people liked more When best song ever singed by miss Kinjal Dave  song is Char Bangadi Vadi Audi... this song is very popular in Gujarat And all Gujarat Are know Miss Kinjal Dave are best Gujarati Singer.
Kinjal Dave Family:- 
In Miss Kinjal Dave family 4 members Father, Mother And one small Brother.

Kinjal Dave program orders:-

Kinjal Dave one order of singing fees are start with 1 lakhs. Order and stage program function business are take by Kinjal Dave father and Uncle. 

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